Installing Clock Work Mod Recovery in Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570?


CLOCK WORKMOD RECOVERY ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) is a replacement recovery option for Android devices, made by Koushik "Koush" Dutta. It is based on the Android 2.1 (Eclair) recovery image. Features include Nandroid backup, adb shell, advanced options (ignore asserts and signature checks), and file browser for choosing update.zips

The Rom Manager app may be used for installing CWM, overwriting the device's stock recovery. As with the stock recovery, CWM can apply software changes to the device. Unlike the stock recovery, CWM is able to entirely replace the device's primary Android operating system ("flashing a new ROM"), including with aftermarket replacements such as CyanogenMod. Once installed, CWM it is accessed by turning your phone off, then triggering the bootloader prompt by holding down some device-dependent button combination as it is turned on.
CWM is also known as clockwork and CW recovery.

Before you begin please make sure your battery has at least 70% of charge.
1. Download Odin Multidownloader v4.38 for GTS5570, Tass_v1.ops (Pass yagyagaire) and Clockwork Mod Recovery v4.0.0.5 if you do not have them already.
2. Run Odin Multi downloader v4.38 and select the Tass_v1.ops by clicking OPS button.
3. Select One Package Option and Click One Package button and select the tass-recovery-cwm.tar file you downloaded.
 Leave other settings to default (i.e. don’t change any other options/settings)
4. When you are done reboot your phone in download mode (Press Volume Down + Home + Power button to go to download mode)
5. Connect your phone in download mode to your computer via USB Cable.
6. When Odin detects your phone (If you see a com port number written in yellow background at the top left, then your phone is detected. View image.), click Start button.
7. Wait till Odin finishes the job (approx. 3-5 minutes) and when it reports ‘PASS’, you can disconnect your phone.
Go to the recovery mode (Press Home + Power button) and see your new recovery with tons of useful options. Now that you have CWM recovery you will be able to do just more than nandroid backups. You can also partition your sdcard as well as flash a custom rom on your galaxy pop. Go ahead and experiment with various options. But, be careful playing with your device’s recovery is very risky task if you lack appropriate information or skill.

UPDATE!!! Latest version of Clock Work Mod Recovery version is available for download and install. Please download it from here and flash it as given above.

UPDATE!!! Another update to CWM recovery v5.0.2.7 is available. Download the file (recovery.tar.md5) and then flash it using Odin as mentioned above.

P.S. I found many people stuck in ANDROID Logo while flashing cyanogen mod rom while using CWM recovery v5.0.2.6. So, it is suggested that you use CWM recovery v4.0.0.5 for flashing custom roms on your galaxy mini. However, I will tell you that it is working on my device fine so, you may give it a try but flash it using Odin one package only after you flash a custom rom.


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